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Avtion Christmas USB Romantic 12 LED Light

Avtion Christmas USB Romantic 12 LED Light and 8 Mode LED Bedroom Night Light Ocean Wave Projector Speaker Music Play Lamp Children Kid Gift (Mode 1)

Well I really don’t think I would use this as a Christmas light , as the advertiser suggest, because the colors are too subdued. I think I am going to use the blue ocean wave color as a romantic light while playing smooth jazz or as a relaxing light while using ocean/nature sounds.

The kids love using the red and other colors as an addition to their teen music in the play room. They have also used it in their bedrooms as a night light.

Bottom line:
This in a very versatile light and can be used in many ways. The speaker is pretty good but not excellent. The cord to plug it in is only 3 feet meaning that if you want it in the middle of the room, you will need 4 AA batteries. The same scenario with the cord for plugging into your music sources. This auxiliary cable is only about 2 feet so, you have to have your music source extremely close to the light/speaker.

To buy one on Amazon click here


U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles

I can’t say enough good things about these goggles! My 10 year old daughter was so excited to receive them. Her brother already has a pair and loves them. They are the best pair of swim goggles they have ever had for sure. I have never been able to find a pair for them that does not leak. This is just a very well made product that not only looks great but, feels and presents itself as a VERY expensive product that is actually affordable.

Features we love the most:
1.) Easily adjustable (these goggles can fit a child or an adult)

2.) Comfortable and leak free (finally)

3.) 100% U.V. Protection, Anti-Shatter (they are your eyes so this is important!)

4.) Anti-Fog (I totally hate it when I can’t see because of fogged up lenses)

5.) The protective case. (I don’t expect that my kids will keep them in the protective case but, one can dream)

6.) They just look awesome!

Find yours here.


Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas Lights (Green & Blue)

My children were TOTALLY taken aback by these lights. They were dancing around on the porch for a really long time before I could get them inside to eat their supper. It is UNBELIEVABLE how much area the starry lights cover! It is AMAZING how beautiful they are! The video does not do these lights justice. I will not just be using these lights for Christmas. I think they are appropriate for any celebration.

I love that they have a remote control so that I can change from fast to slow effects, change from red and blue to just red or just blue lights. The best part is the timer. It works great for a busy Mom like me. I can turn on the lights using the remote right through a nearby window, set the timer for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours and they will shut off on their own. I can also set them to go on and off at a certain time using the timing mode.

Thousands of shimmering Green and Blue lights shoot onto the front of your house, cover about 3900 square feet areas, offers a lovely atmosphere and the appearance of holiday spirit.
It’s the best choice for your family gathering, festivals celebration, Christmas party, home decoration and other events.
Automatic Timers – On at dusk or off at dawn. Set a timing mode using the remote control and the light will turn on the same time every day or night and turn off again either 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours later.

Click here  to order some today.

Jorja vs Coach Meredith

LMAO! Way to tuck and roll Coach!

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Premium Smartfuel USB Travel Powerbank Charger by iCharge

I bought a Premium Smartfuel USB Travel Powerbank Charger by iCharge and I’m keeping it in my Jeep from now on! This little baby is great for a family that has a lot of devices and only one way to charge while on the road. It has a whopping 10000mAh External Battery Life Extender and charges lightning fast! Hum, maybe I need two!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Just no end to the amount of cuteness at our house tonight

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Sea Whip Cucumber Soothing & Hydrating Gel

img_1921I just started using this Sea Whip Cucumber Soothing & Hydrating Gel it is Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Botanical Extracts. My skin gets so dry sometimes that it feels hot. Especially my face, hands and feet. This works to hydrate and cool my skin. I also used it after a ball game last week when I got a wind burn on my face. Ah, instant relief! I can tell I will be needing more of this stuff for sure! Go check it out at :

iPhone 6 Charger [Apple Certified] Lighting to USB Cable

On sale right now on Amazon for $5.98 each iPhone 6 Charger [Apple Certified] Lighting to USB Cable (3.3ft) – Fast Charging & Data Sync – Lighting Cable iPhone Charger 5/ 5s/ 6/ 6s/ 6 plus/ iPad (Black) by Power Up

I bought one and I did a video review. One thing I forgot to mention on the video is that although this is an excellent cable for the price, I would suggest it for an adult. For my kids, I prefer the braided cables.

Tiana Tator tests Our K9 No Bark Vibration Collar

Our K9 Mint No Bark Vibration Collar by Our K9 is a pain free collar designed for dogs 6-30 pounds. It does NOT shock your dog at all. There is only a small beep and then a vibration. I tested it myself by blowing into it to simulate a Bark and then putting my finger over the vibration prongs. No pain at,all. My dog weighs,5.9 pounds and the collar fits her fine. My dog, who does not wear a collar very often, decided she was just going to sit really still. I tried everything to make her bark, while on camera, to no avail. Finally when my daughter came home from school and she barked one time, the collar beeped and she stopped barking. Considering it usually takes five minutes to calm her, this is a win for me.

I watched the video on proper assembly of the collar and then the videos on proper testing, fitting and training. BE SURE YOU DO THE SAME. This is your dog, your friend who loves and trusts you, he/she deserves the extra 10 minutes it takes to watch these very informative videos.

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