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Best Compression Knee Sleeve


To Purchase the Best Compression Knee Sleeve Support Brace for Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery by #CompressionComfort click on this link or copy and paste into your web browser

I had a torn meniscus in my left knee and had surgery last year to repair it. I really Hated my old brace because it kept falling down. So I went to compression comfort on Amazon to try out one of their braces. I like this one so much better I have not had to pull it up one single time. It gives just the right amount of compression to help with the pain. I’m happy that I can do more while wearing this brace.

I don’t know if men care about it or not but I like the fact that you cannot see the brace underneath my skinny jeans. Also you can barely see it under my leggings.


Chefs Limited 3 Piece Baking Bundle

I had so much fun tonight baking cookies for a Christmas cookie exchange! Best of all, clean-up was a breeze.

This set comes with:
1: a very nice dark, non-stick, half-sheet baking pan (13×18)
2: a silicone baking mat that fits perfectly inside the pan
3: a silicone oven mitt
No oils or sprays needed. Oven and dishwasher safe. Easy to use.

Very good value for under $30. This would be a great gift for the baker on your list!

Click here to order on Amazon.


Ancord Waterproof Bluetooth and FM Stereo Speaker

Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio – Waterproof & Rechargeable #waterproofbluetoothspeakers We are having so much fun with this speaker that is perfect for any occasion! We can literally take it ANYWHERE. If we can't get a cell signal, there is still the FM radio. We have five acres and are outside a lot plus we love to hike and fish. This speaker is perfect for us! I don't have to worry about them fishing in our pond with it because it's waterproof. They can take it on their bikes because the case makes it durable and almost indestructible! I got the orange one so, it's easy to spot when they leave it laying in the yard overnight. LOL. Young or old, indoors or out, this speaker is for you! It's so easy to pair and use. It literally takes seconds.

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New York Biology 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub

What's in my bag? I have been using this New York Biology Arabica Coffee Scrub for two weeks now. I have used it alone and mixed with coconut oil as suggested on the container. I have found that I like it plain as a body scrub to tackle cellulite and mixed with coconut oil on my face. I tried it without the coconut oil on my face the first couple of times and I lobe the way it feels. I just like the extra oil on my very dry Florida face. LOL. Bottom line, this coffee scrub actually does wake up my skin and makes a wonderful addition to my daily New York Biology regimen. Always made in the USA with the Highest Quality 100% natural organic ingredients and always Cruelty Free! #NewYorkBiology #coffeescrub #crueltyfree #crueltyfreecosmetics #organiccosmetics

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Orgalif Heavy Duty Folding Step Stool

Orgalif Heavy Duty Folding Step Stool with Anti Slip Dots & Strong Support Step Ladder for Adults and Kids (White) I love this stepping stool! Now my kids can grab things for themselves rather than yell for me to come get it. That feeling of independence is so crucial for children. This is a super sturdy stool that holds up to 350 pounds so I can use it too. I don't have to run out to the shed for the ladder just to clean the fans, wash the windows, etc. Storage is a breeze! I can slide this stool behind just about anything! I stuck mine between the fridge and the wall. You would have to be looking for it to notice it. #orgalif #stepstool #sturdystool #foldingstool #organization

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BevWorx New Colors 30 oz Tumbler Handle

NEW BevWorx Tumbler Handle for 30 oz. Yeti, RTIC, SIC tumblers and more! Eco-friendly and ergonomic, the perfect way to customize your tumbler! (30 oz., Spanish Moss)

I love my tumblers but, I hate cleaning up the spills after I drop it from not having a good grip on it. This is the perfect 30 oz, non slip, tumbler handle for my RTIC, YETI and my Redneck YETI. It fits just about any of the current 30 oz steel tumblers out there very snugly. It fits my McDonalds styrofoam cup and also a Kangaroo styrofoam Roo cup snugly also. LOL

All jokes aside, this is a very well made and sturdy product. I purchased a black one quite a while back and it still looks brand new after using it practically every day. This would make a GREAT gift!

To get one click here.

Aulker Car Charger 2 Port Dual Qualcomm Quck Charge

USB Car Charger 2 Port Dual Qualcomm Quck Charge 3.0 Type-A Port

As you can see from the video, this charger beats my old one hands down! No more worrying about trying to see which port, the iPad or the iPhone, to plug in to. This charger senses the voltage needed and provides it. No more getting to your destination only to realize, your passenger jostled your charger or the last person using it pulled it out a little while removing their cord, this charger fits in nice and tight.

Get one right now on Amazon! Click here.


Avtion Christmas USB Romantic 12 LED Light

Avtion Christmas USB Romantic 12 LED Light and 8 Mode LED Bedroom Night Light Ocean Wave Projector Speaker Music Play Lamp Children Kid Gift (Mode 1)

Well I really don’t think I would use this as a Christmas light , as the advertiser suggest, because the colors are too subdued. I think I am going to use the blue ocean wave color as a romantic light while playing smooth jazz or as a relaxing light while using ocean/nature sounds.

The kids love using the red and other colors as an addition to their teen music in the play room. They have also used it in their bedrooms as a night light.

Bottom line:
This in a very versatile light and can be used in many ways. The speaker is pretty good but not excellent. The cord to plug it in is only 3 feet meaning that if you want it in the middle of the room, you will need 4 AA batteries. The same scenario with the cord for plugging into your music sources. This auxiliary cable is only about 2 feet so, you have to have your music source extremely close to the light/speaker.

To buy one on Amazon click here


U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles

I can’t say enough good things about these goggles! My 10 year old daughter was so excited to receive them. Her brother already has a pair and loves them. They are the best pair of swim goggles they have ever had for sure. I have never been able to find a pair for them that does not leak. This is just a very well made product that not only looks great but, feels and presents itself as a VERY expensive product that is actually affordable.

Features we love the most:
1.) Easily adjustable (these goggles can fit a child or an adult)

2.) Comfortable and leak free (finally)

3.) 100% U.V. Protection, Anti-Shatter (they are your eyes so this is important!)

4.) Anti-Fog (I totally hate it when I can’t see because of fogged up lenses)

5.) The protective case. (I don’t expect that my kids will keep them in the protective case but, one can dream)

6.) They just look awesome!

Find yours here.


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