NEW BevWorx Tumbler Handle for 30 oz. Yeti, RTIC, SIC tumblers and more! Eco-friendly and ergonomic, the perfect way to customize your tumbler! (30 oz., Spanish Moss)

I love my tumblers but, I hate cleaning up the spills after I drop it from not having a good grip on it. This is the perfect 30 oz, non slip, tumbler handle for my RTIC, YETI and my Redneck YETI. It fits just about any of the current 30 oz steel tumblers out there very snugly. It fits my McDonalds styrofoam cup and also a Kangaroo styrofoam Roo cup snugly also. LOL

All jokes aside, this is a very well made and sturdy product. I purchased a black one quite a while back and it still looks brand new after using it practically every day. This would make a GREAT gift!

To get one click here.