I can’t say enough good things about these goggles! My 10 year old daughter was so excited to receive them. Her brother already has a pair and loves them. They are the best pair of swim goggles they have ever had for sure. I have never been able to find a pair for them that does not leak. This is just a very well made product that not only looks great but, feels and presents itself as a VERY expensive product that is actually affordable.

Features we love the most:
1.) Easily adjustable (these goggles can fit a child or an adult)

2.) Comfortable and leak free (finally)

3.) 100% U.V. Protection, Anti-Shatter (they are your eyes so this is important!)

4.) Anti-Fog (I totally hate it when I can’t see because of fogged up lenses)

5.) The protective case. (I don’t expect that my kids will keep them in the protective case but, one can dream)

6.) They just look awesome!

Find yours here.