Our K9 Mint No Bark Vibration Collar by Our K9 is a pain free collar designed for dogs 6-30 pounds. It does NOT shock your dog at all. There is only a small beep and then a vibration. I tested it myself by blowing into it to simulate a Bark and then putting my finger over the vibration prongs. No pain at,all. My dog weighs,5.9 pounds and the collar fits her fine. My dog, who does not wear a collar very often, decided she was just going to sit really still. I tried everything to make her bark, while on camera, to no avail. Finally when my daughter came home from school and she barked one time, the collar beeped and she stopped barking. Considering it usually takes five minutes to calm her, this is a win for me.

I watched the video on proper assembly of the collar and then the videos on proper testing, fitting and training. BE SURE YOU DO THE SAME. This is your dog, your friend who loves and trusts you, he/she deserves the extra 10 minutes it takes to watch these very informative videos.